Battlefield 2042 Easter Egg Boxes Scattered in Various Maps Spotted, Awards Secret Player Card

2022-09-10 07:17:04 By : Ms. Ann Lee

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It seems that DICE has continued sneaking in Easter eggs in Battlefield games with Battlefield 2042! This time, the developers have scattered Battlefield 2042 Easter egg boxes in different areas of the game’s maps. This box has a certain marking to them, and while they do award something to players when spotted, it seems to be part of a longer Easter egg mystery.

Here’s a video of it by redditor TheSacredShrimp where you can see the marked box. Bear in mind, it doesn’t appear in the same spot all the time. 

Hi all! Attached is the video clip of the box that unlocked the background this is after the fact and that’s why I’m the video the card did not unlock. Thank you all. from LowSodium2042

Battlefield fan and YouTuber Lossy has also posted screenshots of the box spotted in different parts of the various maps in BF2042!

Woah! Players are finding these Easter egg boxes across different #Battlefield2042 maps! Go up to them, and you'll unlock the secret player card background.

— Lossy (@L0SSY) August 19, 2022

If you spot it, you’ll be granted a secret player card that references “MI6” which might or might not be tied to Season 2 of the game.

The secret player card references 'MI6', which makes me suspect the Season Two Specialist might be whoever 'Crawford' is… this name was datamined by @temporyal months ago. Could he be English?

— Lossy (@L0SSY) August 19, 2022

Over on Twitter, reliable Battlefield dataminer temporyal found out that the internal name for this box is “Power Pickup Crate” and that it’s includes foamed interior parts (that are invisible to the players) that were used previously in Battle Pickups in past Battlefield games.

The recently found Dark Market box has an interesting internal name in #Battlefield2042:

Its texture includes (currently invisible) interior parts with foam typically used in gun cases. Hints for an introduction of the previously datamined Battle Pickups?

This is not a guarantee that Battle Pickups will be in Battlefield 2042, but it does have the same shape, and it could be a new content addition included in Season 2. Will the Battlefield sleuths figure out this Easter egg before Season 2 drops? We can’t say for sure, but what we do know is, DICE has announced a Battlefield 2044 “Development Update” stream for August 22, and it’ll talk about Season 2!

Once we know more about this BF2042 Easter egg box and/or Season 2, you can be sure we’ll let our readers know.

Featured image via BFEE Discord channel

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